ClosetMaid Concierge Services - Professional Free Design with SpaceCreations & SuiteSymphony

Team up with one of our storage specialist to have your space professionally designed. You supply your storage needs, preferences and dimensions and we'll create custom ClosetMaid designs for you - quickly, easily and expertly within four business days.

Before you get started, here are a few things you'll need to complete ahead of time:

  • Take careful measurements, recording the width and height of every wall to the nearest 1/4 inch.
  • Measure the width of your door, as well as the height of your closet.
  • Take stock of the contents in your closet. Do you have several pairs of shoes or long garments?
  • Consider what types of accessories you need to organize them (rods, shelves, baskets, drawers).
  • Consider what type of shelving will work best in your storage space (laminate or melamine) and which finish you prefer.

Contact Information

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Room & Dimensions

2. Where is the storage space?

3. What type of doors does your storage space have?

Please use this form to enter your standard closet dimensions. If your closet is not a standard shape, use this form.
Wall 2:
Wall 1:
Wall 3:  
Closet Height:
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Material & Storage Needs

4. What color system and material would you prefer?

5. How much hang space do you need for short garments? (shirts, short jackets, etc)

6. How much space do you need for long hanging garments? (gowns, long coats, etc)

7. How much space do you need for stackable or folded items?

8. How much shoe storage do you need?

9. How many drawers do you need?

10. How many baskets do you need?

11. Comments/Special Instruction: