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Teamwork. It's the key to any successful endeavor. ClosetMaid's senior management executives have a combined tenure with the company of close to 50 years and are the team members responsible for guiding the development of new products and steering the growth of the company. From its headquarters in Ocala, Florida, ClosetMaid provides a number of key players on the team to assist you in everything from achieving your business goals, to fulfilling your product procurement orders and managing the timely delivery of those orders. Additionally, we have a host of regional managers and local representatives to assist you with specific projects and help guide you in the development of your business. Most of our dealers receive a visit from one of these representatives approximately every four to six weeks, so you will never feel alone in running your new business.

Lou Cuomo
Vice President of Sales - Building Division

Sharaz Shaikh
ClosetMaid National Sales Manager - Canada