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The Benefits Of A Home Organization Dealership

Congratulations, you've chosen a unique and lucrative business venture. You'll be targeting a fast-growing market segment in America: existing homes with lots of messy closets, garages, and a host of other shelving and organizing needs! And just take a look around your own area.

The home organization industry also has the advantage of being relatively young. In the mid-1960s it began as an off-shoot of the home building and remodeling industries. At that time it was a specialty, but since then it's grown into a thriving industry of its own. The fact that the industry is young means that there is still so much room for growth, with fresh opportunities and new products constantly being developed. Today the home organization industry is huge – more than $1 billion annually and growing!

If this all sounds promising to you, read on and discover the benefits of owning not just a closet dealership, but becoming a ClosetMaid Authorized Dealer.